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Energy Solutions

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Whether you're installing a utility-scale ground-mounted, carport structure, or rooftop solar system, Zekelman Industries can provide the galvanized round, square and rectangular steel tubing that you need. We have the largest size range in the industry, and specialize in all of the most commonly used sizes. Our structural tubing provides weight, strength, and cost advantages over aluminum, roll-formed, and structural beams. As a steel tube manufacturer, our technical team can ensure that you use the most cost-effective solution that meets your performance requirements. 

In addition to solar energy applications, we also produce steel tubing for the OCTG and line pipe industry, as well as for perimeter security solutions for energy-related applications.


Energy Product Solutions

Structural Tubing (A500 GRB & GRC)

  • Round tubing: 1" – 20"
  • Square tubing: 1" – 16"
  • Rectangular tubing: 3⁄4" x 1 1⁄2" – 20" x 12"

Galvanized (in-line) Mechanical Tube

  • Round tubing: .706" – 5"
  • Square tubing: .625" – 4"
  • Rectangular tubing: .75" x 1 1/12" – 2" x 6"

High-Strength Tubing (up to 83,000 min yield)

  • Round tubing: 1" – 4"

Structural Support Pier Applications

SSPierZekelman Industries is the leading manufacturer of structural steel tube in North America. Our steel tubing is used throughout the solar industry as support piers for “Ground-Mounted” structures. We have provided round, square, and rectangle shaped tubing for this application. In addition, we can use our tubing to manufacture “Screw Piles.” This allows Zekelman Industries to provide complete solutions that meet your varying soil conditions and requirements.

Learn more about our structural tubing products at www.atlastube.com/hss/hss-hollow-structural-sections

Solar Car Ports Applications

Carportsolar_1Zekelman Industries has the largest size range of structural tubing in North America. Our larger sizes of 12" – 20" are widely used for carport applications throughout the industry. In addition, we offer fabrication services to help reduce labor costs in the field.

Learn more about our structural tubing products at www.atlastube.com/hss/hss-hollow-structural-sections

Cross Members Applications

SolarPanelsPixZekelman Industries specializes in square tubing. Whether it is a fixed-tilt or solar tracking system, our cross member solutions are the brand of choice. These products are offered in a variety of sizes and gauges, from 1" – 16" (.065" – .625" wall).

Learn more about our structural tubing products at www.atlastube.com/hss/hss-hollow-structural-sections

Solar Racking Solutions

Galvanized_tubingWhether you are building a racking system for ground-mounted solar or rooftop solar applications, Zekelman Industries Galvanized Mechanical Tube is the solution. This tube is offered in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

  • Round tubing: .706" – 5"
  • Square tubing: .625" – 4"
  • Rectangular tubing: .75" x 1 1/12" – 2" x 6"

The product in galvanized in-line to reduce costs and an extra layer of proprietary clear coating is applied to enhance durability and increase corrosion resistance. Compared to other in-line galvanized products on the market, Zekelman Industries’ product is the #1 choice.

Learn more about our Galvanized Mechanical Tube at http://www.wheatland.com/mechanical-tube

Perimeter Security Solutions

fencingASTMZekelman Industries produces the largest selection of fence framework products in the industry. We are the only manufacturer of the U.S. made ASTM F1083 fence post. We offer a variety of products to meet your application needs. From residential to commercial to heavy industrial, our framework products will provide the perimeter protection you require.

Our fence framework products are widely used throughout the solar and energy industry. To learn more about our products visit www.wheatland.com/fence-framework

Oil & Gas Product Solutions

OCTG & Line Pipe

Alloy and Carbon Tubing: 1.900" – 3 1/2"
Alloy and Carbon Casing: 4 1/2" – 13 3/8"
Line Pipe: A25, X Grades (42, 52, 60): 1/2" – 6"