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Ways We Already Make It eZ


Automated Inventory Management (AIM)

The old way of managing your inventory wastes time, ties up cash and takes up space. The new way — automated inventory management (AIM) — leverages today’s technologies to support your needs with the highest level of efficiency. Take AIM with Zekelman.

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Nationwide Manufacturing and Stocking

Our 15 manufacturing facilities, producing the widest range of steel pipe and tube products, are partnered with strategically located stocking warehouses and logistics companies near every major metropolitan area to get products to you faster.

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Electronic Purchasing

Our electronic information systems MAKE IT eZ for you to check inventory, place orders, track order status in real time, and access test report data.


Marketing Support

From signage to co-op advertising, we help you promote the Zekelman products you carry — so you can spend your time on more important business matters.

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