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Greenhouse construction requires strong supports for wide, open spaces and piping systems that won’t corrode in humidity. Zekelman Industries delivers through a unique set of galvanized steel product offerings, expertise to support design, and advanced logistics for construction efficiency.

Our structural steel and electrical conduit products fit long spans with ease and allow the interior space to remain as open as possible. And our pipe products feature proprietary corrosion protection solutions designed for durability.

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Standard Pipe

We produce the widest range of standard pipe products, including the only continuous-weld pipe made in America. Our standard pipes carry water, gas and steam through the HVAC and plumbing systems of greenhouses.

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Electrical Conduit

Together, steel conduit and couplings are the only electrical raceway solution that’s strong and durable enough for NEC® building codes to allow in nearly every setting — even humid greenhouses. Our 20-foot lengths make installation easy in long runs.

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Our steel mechanical tubing is similar to the structural steel used to support buildings, but with extra-thick galvanization to resist corrosion in humid greenhouse environments.

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Fence Framework

Our fence framework products support fences that surround the properties of greenhouses in any location.

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