A Message from Barry Zekelman

In this Q&A, CEO Barry Zekelman shares his insights on why domestic manufacturing is important for families and communities. Hear his personal story of building his career in manufacturing, the current state of the steel industry, and how you can show your support.

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Domestic Manufacturing Matters

Too many steel imports are being dumped in America and sold at below-market rates. As a result, there’s less demand for domestic steel products and more pressure on domestic pricing — causing job loss across the American steel industry and beyond. The American worker needs our support. That’s what American Metal is all about — standing up for domestic steel and all the hard workers whose livelihoods depend on it.

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Our Support for Domestic Manufacturing

At Zekelman Industries, we support free and fair trade and are responsible importers ourselves, but we recognize the great value in strengthening American manufacturing. We’re doing our part to support domestic steel through our manufacturing excellence, employment opportunities, scholarships and lobbying efforts. Here’s how you can join us: