America's Future
With Steel
At Zekelman Industries, we believe in the strength of steel and domestic manufacturing. The entrepreneurial spirit empowers our teams to innovate, improving the way leading organizations build structures, make equipment and manage processes. Together, our products support, strengthen and protect the places where people live, work, travel and play. We're manufacturing a stronger future.


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It's time to work smarter and faster than ever before — with steel.

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Explore how our steel is used all around you.

2.8 M Tons annual production capacity

141  Years of manufacturing excellence

2 -week cycle times (industry's fastest)

American Metal  |  Who We Are

American Metal is a national grassroots initiative supporting the domestic steel industry and all the hard workers whose livelihoods depend on it. It’s about the strength, courage and integrity at the core of our industry and in the hearts of American workers.

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MAKE IT eZ  |  What We Do

MAKE IT eZ is our mission at Zekelman Industries. We’re delivering new ways to make our customers’ jobs easier through process innovation and exceptional service. Our mission is always progressing and never complete.

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Careers  |  Work With Us

With 17 manufacturing locations and 2,300 employees in North America, we’re putting people to work.

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Other mills operate the same old way, but we do things differently.


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Barry Zekelman joins host Anne Greenhalgh on Leadership in Action.

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