Domestic Manufacturing

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Why Barry Zekelman believes in domestic manufacturing.

We believe domestic manufacturing is:

Better for people

Every job in the steel industry creates five supporting jobs in the broader economy.

Better for building

Everything we build should elevate expectations of quality, responsibility and efficiency. This is what inspires innovation at Zekelman.

Better for the planet

As one of the cleanest steel manufacturers, the U.S. could reduce potential CO2 emissions by approximately 11.3 million metric tons of CO2 per year, or 13% of the total annual CO2 emissions of the steel industry in the U.S., if imported steel were instead produced by domestic manufacturers.

Source: Hasanbeigi, A., 2023. Embodied CO2 Emissions in Steel Imports to the U.S. Global Efficiency Intelligence. Florida, United States.

We’re committed to domestic

We believe deeply in the power of domestic manufacturing and the benefits it brings to the customers we serve and the communities we’re a part of. Over the last five years, we’ve invested heavily to encourage and promote the power of choosing domestic.

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