Made in the USA: The Pride and Power of Domestic Manufacturing

There’s magic in those four words: “made in the USA.” They stir a sense of national pride and patriotism and serve as an assurance of quality. They tell a story of hardworking makers and the impact of homegrown products.

Yet their significance extends far beyond just a label. Buying American-made products represents a direct endorsement for the dedicated workers, enterprises, and communities propelling the country’s economic engine. And for the many people employed in domestic manufacturing careers, it’s a testament to their role in producing exceptional products that shape the future.

Here are some of the reasons our Zekelman Industries teammates are proud to be part of the American manufacturing industry.

  1. Bolstering the U.S. Economy

For former marine Jacob Doyle, a career in domestic manufacturing provides a way to continue serving his country. It means a lot to him that the steel he helps to produce is going right back into the country, he says.

“American steel builds everything in this country, from the sidewalks to the biggest buildings,” says Doyle, Second Shift Production Supervisor at Wheatland/Western Tube in Rochelle, Illinois. When he sees Zekelman steel out in the world, he is proud to tell his wife and kids, “I did that.”

Doyle isn’t alone. Many of our teammates say they feel a huge sense of pride knowing that they’re contributing to domestic production.

“American manufacturing is truly the backbone of this country and this economy,” says Shawn Londrie, Director of Planning at Wheatland Tube. “I can’t think of anything better that I’d like to be involved with,” he says.

  1. Strengthening Communities

When the U.S. economy thrives, American communities do, too. “It’s a whole domino effect of jobs, opportunity, and strength to the economy,” says Londrie.

The success of manufacturers like Zekelman creates more factories and more jobs for workers looking to build long-term careers and grow their skills. Those jobs provide families with a stable income which allows them to stimulate economic growth through increased financial contributions.

“I’m very proud to work for a company that supports the American workforce,” says Dana Scott, Director of Production Planning at Wheatland Tube. “You’re able to sustain your families; you’re able to support your communities.”

  1. Advancing American Industry

Domestic products play a vital role in U.S. industry as well, says Gene Metro, Quality Manager at Wheatland Tube.

After a long career in the industry, Metro says he’s proud to see domestic products thriving across all sectors — ranging from energy to automotive to infrastructure. “Domestic manufacturing keeps us strong, and it keeps us all together,” he says.

  1. Championing Innovation

Along with supporting the American economy, communities, and people, domestic manufacturers are innovators who are using technology to future-proof several sectors and industries.

“American manufacturing is the best in the world,” explains Mike Reedy, Production Planner at Atlas Tube in Blytheville, Arkansas. “Americans are go-getters and innovators. If we see a need, we will formulate a product or a technique to solve that problem.”

At Zekelman, every teammate engages with automation or artificial intelligence in some way. They are building their skill sets and learning new ways of working for the jobs of tomorrow.

“The steel industry is a lot more exciting and a lot more interesting than we’ve maybe been led to believe,” says Jesse Comber, Regional Sales Manager at Wheatland Tube in Wheatland, Pennsylvania. “There’s a ton of innovation happening.”


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