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At Zekelman, MAKE IT eZ is more than a mission—it’s a promise. We’re dedicated to enhancing and simplifying our customers’ experiences by continuously innovating our processes and delivering exceptional service solutions. Our journey never ends. We’re always evolving to anticipate and exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.

“It’s a huge push in our company to be the easiest company to deal with. We feel we’re there today, but we know there’s no finish line in that race. You have to keep striving for more. The bar keeps getting higher. What can we do that our customers don’t even know they want done yet?”

— Barry Zekelman, Executive Chairman and CEO

Technology & Engineering support

Delivering more than product

Zekelman builds relationships with engineers and architects on a foundation of continuous, mutual learning and idea-sharing. We offer design and engineering consultation, frequent Lunch & Learns about new product capabilities and specifications, and personalized project support to all partners.

Inventory Support

Inventory management should be easy

We’re committed to empowering our distributors with simple and efficient solutions for purchasing, managing and distributing inventory. Results include 6x higher annual inventory turn.

Marketing & sales support

Get ready to meet your goals

Our online distributor portal supports lean marketing teams with quick and easy access to customizable sales and marketing materials on demand.

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