Zekelman prioritizes a people-first approach, empowering our team to make decisions they believe in.

  • Barry Zekelman
    Barry Zekelman
    Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    “It all starts with people. I don’t care what equipment you have. I don’t care what customers you have. If you don’t have a happy, engaged, empowered workforce, you’ll never be in the lead.”
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  • Tom Muth
    Tom Muth
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer — Tubular Products Division
    “We take care of people by bringing business here and making things here and creating opportunity.”
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  • Mickey McNamara
    Mickey McNamara
    President of Z Modular and Executive Vice President of Zekelman Industries
    “We’re not caught up in organizational charts. We’re not caught up in reporting dynamics. What we’re all about is understanding how to deliver the best solution for our customers and working together to do that.”
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  • Mike Graham
    Mike Graham
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    “My commitment is to empower our customers and teammates, driving organizational success with strategic analysis and risk management across the U.S. and Canada.”
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  • Michael E. Mechley
    Michael E. Mechley
    Executive Vice President of Strategic Procurement
    “What I really like about the job is trying to find new ideas, trying to find ways that help the entire supply chain. Whether it be us being more responsive to our customers or working better with our suppliers. That’s what I like to do — find ways for improvement.”
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  • Jeff Cole
    Jeff Cole
    President of HSS and Piling
    “We work hard, but we love to have fun. It’s a great balance.”
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  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly
    President of Standard Pipe
    “My goal is to inspire our team to embrace an entrepreneurial approach, empowering them to innovate and effectively support our customers while contributing to Zekelman’s growth.”
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  • Dan Reilly
    Dan Reilly
    President of Sharon Tube
    “Everyone from the floor to purchasing to running the plant, everyone’s on the same level. None of us is more important than anyone else. We’re in this together.”
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  • John Eichenlaub
    John Eichenlaub
    President of Fence, Solar & Mechanical
    “I really do approach my job from the customer’s point of view. I spend a lot of time trying to make sure I understand what the customer needs, and not just what they’re ordering. What their actual wants, their needs, their desires are. And, is there a way for us to satisfy that.”
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  • Jim Hays
    Jim Hays
    President of Electrical
    “I try to connect with everybody from the shop floor to the corporate office to make sure they know that I’m there, I’m accessible, I’m reachable. Not only do I want to understand what they’re about in the workplace, but also what drives them outside of the workplace.”
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  • Andrea Seymour
    Andrea Seymour
    Vice President, Talent Acquisition
    “My sense of responsibility in attracting new teammates is really making sure that we’re bringing in the right talent and we’re putting them in the right positions for the organization.”
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  • Rick Sebok
    Rick Sebok
    Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
    “My family’s roots go back to manufacturing and farming, so I’m energized by our passion for domestic manufacturing. It’s very rewarding to see the impact we have in the communities where we operate.”
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  • Jennifer Murphy
    Jennifer Murphy
    Vice President, Human Resources — Pipe and Tube
    “Our amazing teammates are empowered to impact the organization every day. We value our diverse team through many growth opportunities and industry-leading reward & recognition programs. I am excited to grow and foster growth within this incredible, people-first organization.”
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  • Erin Campbell
    Erin Campbell
    Vice President, Human Resources
    “The HR team is the conscience of the company, guiding teammates toward decisions that honor our values and our business. We act with empathy, passion and integrity to ensure that every action we take reflects our organization’s true character and values.”
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