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The Strength to Deliver Market-Specific Solutions

Through our various product divisions, Zekelman Industries provides a full range of pipe and tube solutions for several market segments, including non-residential construction, energy and original equipment manufacturing (OEM). From the deepest oil wells to the highest skyscrapers, we have proven our ability to deliver an in-depth understanding of industry specific issues and strong technical expertise for your projects. Reaching such broad markets, we are able to combine items from different product lines and divisions to deliver a complete solution, when and where it’s needed.

Energy Solutions

We have delivered many solutions for oil and gas, solar, nuclear, and wind energy enterprises across several product divisions. We offer extensive experience providing hollow structural sections (HSS), fencing, electrical conduit and fittings, galvanized mechanical tubing, OCTG and line pipe, and more to energy facilities.

Non-Residential Construction Solutions

Spanning the majority of our product divisions, we have provided complete pipe and tube solutions for a broad range of non-residential construction projects, including big box retail stores, health care facilities, stadiums, office buildings, data centers, manufacturing facilities and airports.

OEM Solutions

Delivering solutions across our DOM and mechanical tube divisions, our OEM tubing solutions have been used in a range of applications including automotive, heavy construction, agricultural equipment, dairy products and playground and recreational equipment.

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