Safety Is Everything

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our team. At Zekelman Industries, we are laser focused on doing everything we can to continuously improve safety in our facilities — from using the latest safety technology to starting every day with a safety meeting. See what we’re doing to make our facilities a safe place to work.

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Team Culture

Zekelman Industries isn’t just our place of work — it’s where we come together with our teammates to learn, problem-solve, improve our processes and achieve success for our customers. We do it all together because we are a family. Watch the video to hear it firsthand.

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Building Communities

At Zekelman Industries our facilities aren’t just where we do business — they’re where we engage with the communities we work in. We’re committed to providing opportunities for every teammate, investing in education, and supporting our team’s families and the place they call home.

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Technology and Innovation

At Zekelman Industries we’re leveraging breakthrough manufacturing innovations in our operations, and investing in state-of-the-art equipment, robotics and automation — and, more importantly, the people who can drive us into the future.

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Domestic Manufacturing

When you work at Zekelman Industries, you play a critical role in building our infrastructure, our communities and our economy. We’re proud to manufacture all our products right here in North America. See what makes domestic better.

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Career Advancement and Upskilling

Looking for a company where you can learn on the job, make a great salary, explore new career paths, further your education and move your way up? You’ve come to the right place. See what makes Zekelman Industries a great place to start your career.

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Better with Steel

Our precision makes it possible to work faster and smarter than ever before. We’re helping today’s innovators and achievers build America’s future better with steel.

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Corporate Video

When others in the steel industry say it can’t be done, Zekelman Industries asks, “Why not?” We’re working to continually improve the industry through flexible production, inventory management, innovative product solutions and more.

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Choose American Metal Commercial #2

In the steel industry, we dedicate our careers to supporting this country, and our positive impact on American communities is worth supporting. See the American Metal commercial that ran in fall 2018 on major TV networks nationwide.

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MAKE IT eZ Video

Finding an easier way to get the job done in the steel industry requires collaboration, energy and innovation. That’s our goal. To listen to our customers, put in the effort and develop new ways to MAKE IT eZ.

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