Choosing a Design-build Partner

When choosing a design-build partner you have to strategically put the pieces of the puzzle together and create a team that can decide on that one single source that can provide products that delivers quality you can trust, a company that has a team of structural and geotechnical engineers that can provide technical expertise to every project, in-house metallurgists and brings value added services to meet your project’s every need.

What makes Zekelman Industries so different from the competition is the fact that we can reduce steel product costs by providing a complete bundle of innovative solutions. As a manufacturer, we can manage the supply-chain of product from the mill to the job-site to eliminate waste and unnecessary costs.  Due to our complete offering of steel pipe and tubular products that are used on most construction projects, Zekelman Industries can provide service features that competitors can’t match.  We have a legacy of success with structures across North America where our solutions have been used.

Zekelman’s operating divisions manufacture steel pipe and tubing in a broad range of sizes for all the key stages of construction – from foundation and structural support to MEP, life safety and security.

Our collaborative approach with our customers have proven to be successful. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that every detail is covered. Our early involvement in a project helps to assist with pricing, logistics and job site delivery, eliminating the what next factor. Before your project begins the team already knows and understands what your expectations are and what it takes to exceed those expectations.

Choosing your design-build partner early on helps to build that trust factor to ensure that each party is accountable for seeing that the project stays within budget and meets all design build requirements. Get the support you need for your design-build projects.

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