The Zekelman Industries Commitment to Quality

Zekelman Industries has grown, but our focus on quality hasn’t changed. Our companies lead their respective industries and markets, and deliver complete lines of top-performing products.

In such a dynamic marketplace, our commitment to quality is our guiding principle — and an ongoing process. It takes focus, vigilance and constant innovation to maintain our commitment to quality.

So, what are the objectives of our commitment to quality at Zekelman Industries?

To Deliver the Industry’s Best Products

When you purchase from our companies, you know you’re getting the highest-quality products you can buy, that meet your project’s specifications. Our technical service and quality assurance team is the best in the industry. They’re present in each of our 15 facilities to ensure we follow our documented quality system procedures when producing products to meet ASTM, CSA, API, UL and FM standards / requirements. These documented quality procedures are a part of our ISO, TS and / or API certified quality management systems upheld at our manufacturing facilities.

To Listen to Our Customers

We’re constantly listening to feedback from engineers, contractors and distributors, to better understand their needs. From new product introductions to production schedules, we’re building our companies to help you design better and build better.

To Meet the Needs of a Changing Marketplace

We understand that change is the only constant in our markets, so we are constantly moving forward with solutions for emerging and evolving industries. Our solutions for the solar market and our recent purchase of Lakeside steel are examples are of our commitment to meet the changing needs of rapidly growing industries.

To Stay Ahead of the Curve

Our companies are constantly focused on innovation, introducing new products to ensure that engineers and contractors have the tools they need to design and build successfully. Atlas Tube’s distribution of Jumbo HSS to North America and Wheatland Tube’s Mic-Shield coating for pipe products are two examples of our commitment to bring new solutions to the market.

And finally…

To Have the Strength to Deliver

Quality is not just about products, it’s about the ability to deliver when it counts. Our production capacity and flexibility make us a true partner in your success. We like to say that what’s custom for the rest of the industry is standard for us — if you need to use non-standard sizes or meet tight delivery schedules, the Zekelman Industries can deliver.

Our commitment to quality is what drives us every day. It’s the reason our quality hasn’t wavered even as we’ve grown in size. And it’s the reason we have the strength to deliver in a way no one else can. To see the full scope of our capabilities, watch this video.

Quality Lab: Product Development and Enhancement

Our products under go rigorous testing at our quality labs, which are among the industry’s most advanced quality assurance facilities. This process assures Zekelman Industries products are produced to the proper requirements and that the appropriate quality systems are in place.

Quality Lab 1
Quality Lab 2
Quality Lab 3
Quality Lab 4
Quality Lab 6
Quality Lab 5
Quality Lab 7


There’s nothing better than building something you believe in.

Zekelman companies are in constant motion, expanding our teams and challenging convention.

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