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Z-Mod Partners with Skender

On Monday, Z-Modular (@Z-Modular on Twitter) announced a partnership with Chicago based manufacturing company, Skender.  Z-Modular will provide the VectorBloc system to assist in production, scheduled to begin later this year at Skender’s new manufacturing plant on the south side of Chicago. Skender has plans to bring much needed affordable housing to Chicago’s southside, and with Z-Modular providing the VectorBloc system, this project is sure to be innovative and successful.

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Smart Factories are the Future

Zekelman Industries is at the forefront of the move to interconnectedness that is currently fueling growth within the manufacturing sector. The MAKEITeZ initiative has led to many improvements and has positioned Zekelman Industries at the lead of the Smart Factory frontier. Whether its through robotics and automation or through utilizing the cloud to streamline buying and inventory management, Zekelman has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to modernizing its factories. Blazing the trail will lead to billions of dollars worth of growth going forward with more and more tech making its way into the manufacturing sector. This article, shared this week by the Zekelman Industries Twitter account (@ZekelmanInd), delves deeper into the forces driving this growth and the need for advances in software development to facilitate this exponential trend of connecting more aspects of the manufacturing process.

Worker Wednesday

American Metal’s weekly series Worker Wednesday spotlighted Joe Swogger this week. Joe is a Mobile Equipment Operator at the Wheatland Tube facility in Chicago. Here is the link to this week’s Worker Wednesday video.

Structures Congress

This week, Atlas Tubes’ Brad Fletcher is in Orlando at the Structures Congress event educating the structural engineer industry on Atlas Tubes’ innovations as well as providing valuable insight into the world of steel pipe piling to the many attendees of this annual conference. More information about the conference can be found at

For all the latest information, be sure to follow @AtlasTube on Twitter.

Wheatland Driver Appreciation

This week Wheatland Tube took to social media to send out a special gesture of appreciation to all the hard-working truck drivers they interact with daily. By sharing the various signage around the plant in Chicago welcoming and thanking all the truck drivers, the team at Wheatland Chicago extended the thanks to social media. Gestures like this one serve to create the supportive atmosphere that leads to success not only for Wheatland but also our partners behind the wheel.


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