Automated Inventory Management (AIM)

What is AIM? – A message from Barry Zekelman

Stop wasting time searching for inventory and checking product availability from suppliers. It’s time to take AIM. With AIM, you get the steel pipe and tube products you need, when you need them. It’s just part of how we MAKE IT eZ.

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How it Works

AIM leverages our industry-leading rolling frequency and cycle times to cut costs out of the supply chain for all parties involved. Just identify your A and B items, and we’ll auto-replenish them through real-time, integrated supply-demand forecasting, reliable logistics and expert insight.

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Stock More Efficiently with Automated Inventory Management (AIM)

The old way of managing your inventory wastes your time, ties up cash and takes up space. The new way — AIM — leverages today’s technologies to support your needs with the highest level of efficiency, while staying flexible and keeping you in control. You’ll free up cash and lower your operating costs, allowing you to make critical investments in other areas of your business. Results can be as high as:

Higher Annual Inventory Turn
Accurate Ordering
Hours Saved Per Week on Ordering
Less Inventory on Your Floor

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Find out how AIM can help your business. There’s no obligation to enroll — AIM requires no cost or contract, so you truly have nothing to lose!

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