Eliminate guesswork by accessing real-time pricing of products and check current and future inventory.

How it works

Easily organize carts for multiple locations, place orders, track shipments and view open orders all in one place.

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Check product availability and pricing

You’ll see our current stock levels and future inventory availability, along with real-time pricing, so you can plan purchases better than you ever have before.

Create favorites

Add your most commonly purchased products to your favorites list so you don’t have to search for them every time you want to check availability and pricing.

Manage orders across locations

You’ll always see the status of all your orders, for one location or many, all in one portal!

See order documentation and history

No more chasing down paperwork — you can see your order history and request documentation such as sales orders and bills of lading right here.

Place orders online

You can access Z-Commerce on any device — anytime, anywhere! Set up your own Favorites List to save time.

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Zekelman makes every aspect of inventory management easier.

AIM: Automated Inventory Management

If your approach to inventory management is draining energy and adding costs, it’s time to take AIM.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our distributor partners work hard. The purchase process should be easy. When you buy from any Zekelman company, you can use your EDI system to communicate with ours for faster, more accurate and free convenience.