AIM: Automated Inventory Management

A modern way to manage inventory.

How it works

AIM leverages today’s technologies to support your needs with the highest level of efficiency, while staying flexible and keeping you in control.

The old way of managing your inventory wastes your time, ties up cash and takes up space. AIM users can achieve significant results.

Zekelman reads and replenishes inventory levels automatically, avoiding manual errors.

The peace of mind from automatic, timely replenishment makes it possible to keep less in stock.

Holding less inventory frees up capital for more productive investments.

Save 3+ hours per week placing orders.

Achieve fewer stock outs, reduce last-minute refilling of inventory holes, and improve your on-time delivery rate. AIM is available from the following Zekelman companies:

Get your free AIM audit today.

Take advantage of our complimentary AIM audit, which offers a consultation from our expert team of inventory management specialists. We’ll provide a comprehensive analysis to identify opportunities for improvement and discuss other potential business results you can achieve. No obligation to enroll, no costs and no contract required.

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Zekelman makes every aspect of inventory management easier.


Modern builders need a modern way to buy and track products. Our proprietary platform makes all aspects of purchasing easy.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our distributor partners work hard. The purchase process should be easy. When you buy from any Zekelman company, you can use your EDI system to communicate with ours for faster, more accurate and free convenience.