Barry Zekelman

Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Barry Zekelman is responsible for all aspects of business at Zekelman Industries. He has devoted his entire career to the development of the corporation. He started out at Atlas Tube and assumed ownership, along with his brothers, with his father’s sudden passing in 1986. Under Barry Zekelman’s leadership as CEO, chairman and president of Atlas, the business grew from $2 million to over $1.2 billion in sales. In 2006 Atlas became part of the company now known as Zekelman Industries, with Barry Zekelman as chief operating officer (COO) of the corporation. He became CEO and president in 2008. In 2010 he became executive chairman, and returned to the role of CEO in 2013.

Today, Barry Zekelman leads the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America with sales in excess of $2.7 billion.

Zekelman was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. He received his early education in Windsor and later attended York University in Toronto, Ontario.