Have You Heard About The New Features On Z Commerce?

Z Commerce is Zekelman Industries’ e-commerce platform. Since we launched to our Pipe & Fence customers in 2019 and our Electrical customers in 2020, the feedback has been VERY positive, and the number of active users continues to grow. Customers have also given us a lot of good feedback on how we can improve the portal to better help them with their ordering tasks. We listened and have made several improvements and intend on continuing to enhance our platform fulfilling our promise to you, our customers, to MAKEITeZ for you to do business!

Learn more about Z Commerce by reading our introductory blog post here!

New Additions/Features Since The First Launch
User Restrictions – Companies can set user restrictions for their employees, as needed. They can limit who can purchase, and or see pricing in Z Commerce.
Bulk Add To Cart – Users can add multiple items to the cart at one time. This helps to speed up the ordering process.
Download Cart to Spreadsheet – Users can create a cart and download that cart into a spreadsheet. This is very useful when responding to job quotes. Additionally, if the spreadsheet can be uploaded into your ERP system, it would eliminate the need for you to re-enter the items into your system.
Quick Filter Search – These filters were added to help customers find the most common items faster.
Job Quotes – Now customers can access job quotes once they add items to the cart. Simply select the “job quote” price sheet and the pricing in the cart will be adjusted.
Order status – On the BUY/SHIP page, when a user hovers their mouse over the “green check” mark or “red clock” on the shipping plan, e small window will appear that provides more detail regarding the specific item.
Real Time GPS Tracking of Deliveries – Users now can track orders with our new GPS tracking system through the BUY/SHIP page. This will allow our customers to prepare for and know when orders will arrive. Just click on the BOL# on shipments located in the “Shipped Recently” section of the Buy/Ship page.

Feedback From Customers
Though we want to hear constructive feedback, it’s great to hear positive responses from our customers. Most of our customers love the hands-on access to real-time pricing and product availability information. Customers are reporting that order placement and tracking is effortless. The ability to access previous order documents has never been easier, you can download sales orders, MTR’s, and more. The main feedback we have received is that customers find the portal to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. It saves them time because they can access the information they are looking for within seconds, rather than waiting for a salesperson to return a call or email. The information is at their fingertips and that is what they value the most.

Looking Forward
The following features are being developed and will become available in the coming months.

  • Order confirmation via email from Z Commerce.
  • Proof of delivery documents. This is especially important when we are delivering products to a job site, for our customers.
  • The ability to download invoices.

How To Get Access To Z Commerce
Customers can request access to Z Commerce through their main sales contact. They will need to provide they user’s full name and email address. If approved, they can get access the same day.

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