In this industry, we’ve been battling unfair trade practices for over 30 years. Now is the time to have others join us. We are calling attention to the incredible benefits a domestic supply chain provides for the economy, environment, each other, and our communities.

“Life has thrown us a challenging 10%. Now, we show life what 110% looks like from Zekelman Industries. We run to win. We do not run away! Let’s show the world what we have, what you have.”

– Barry Zekelman, Chairman & CEO
Zekelman Industries

It’s with this spirit that we’re launching a major, multi-media marketing campaign called “Let’s Make It Here”. It’s advocating to keep industry and jobs at home, bring more back, encouraging others to buy domestic, and challenge companies of all kinds to build manufacturing plants here, throughout the country. Check out our video below!

This week our 8-page ad in Fortune magazine broke, and will quickly be followed up with more placements in the publications that decision-makers read, as well as in newspapers, on billboards, and in digital media. In addition, we will have radio ads on 2,000+ stations across 31 states promoting the value of domestic manufacturing. Nearly everyone in the USA will have the opportunity to see and hear this message. And, we’ll be sharing more soon!


We encourage you to keep up the momentum of this campaign by sharing it with your colleagues, friends, and on social media. This country is a place for people with dreams to make them real. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s get it together. Let’s make it here!


There’s nothing better than building something you believe in.

Zekelman companies are in constant motion, expanding our teams and challenging convention.

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