Family Fun at Zekelman: Bring Your Kid to Work Day

For years, the Zekelman family of companies has been just that; a family. Supporting our teammates’ goals, dreams, and ambitions has always been a top priority.

On April 25, it was with great pleasure and privilege that we welcomed all of our teammates’ families into our facilities across North America for Bring Your Kid to Work Day!

This opportunity allowed us to give the next generation a firsthand look at the pride and power of 100% domestic manufacturing, the cutting-edge technologies we’ve deployed, the safety of our facilities, and the high quality of life that a career at Zekelman can bring.

The children who spent the day at our facilities got to learn about our everyday operations and all the precautions we take to keep our teammates safe, such as proper hazmat procedures, PPE application, and more. They even earned a Junior Safety Professional certificate!

After earning their certificates, the kids went on guided tours of our facilities, to see the wide range of exciting jobs that our teammates get to do every day. After the tour, they engaged in hands-on activities, constructing planters and bird feeders using Zekelman’s colored EMT—a product their parents take pride in making.

The children also learned how Zekelman products are transported across America, receiving a brief overview of logistics. They even got to build their own flatbed truck to transport miniature HSS columns! “We had a fun day filled with learning about our operations,” says Mackenzie Sullivan, Human Resources Manager at Zekelman’s Wheatland Tube facility in Warren, OH. “The kids were very interested in learning about logistics.”

After the tour and activities, the kids got to go home with their safety certificates, personalized hoodies, hard hats, and the crafts they created.

“I’m overwhelmed with how much excitement yesterday brought for our kids,” says Rachel Cyphert, Director of Human Resources at Zekelman’s Wheatland Tube facility in Wheatland, PA. “Not only did I get to spend the day with my son sharing what we do at our facility, but he got to see firsthand why I am so passionate about what I do and the organization that I’m a part of.”

All of our teammates who got to host presentations, tours, and activities for the children were overjoyed at their enthusiasm for Zekelman products and the exciting opportunities available to Zekelman teammates for career advancement and professional development.

“The kids are learning that a career is so much more than somewhere you go every day,” says Cyphert. “It’s important to dedicate yourself to a company that cares about their people, the communities that they operate in, the environment, and their customers. Zekelman Industries is every bit of that and a whole lot more!”

At Zekelman, we’re dedicated to serving American communities by providing good-paying, safe jobs at state-of-the-art facilities. Believe in What You Build™ and apply today at


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