What to Expect as a New Hire at Zekelman Industries

Starting a new job can be daunting. You’re navigating an unfamiliar environment, learning new things every day and trying to quickly establish yourself. On top of all that, you also want to prove to everyone that you can do your job well.

At Zekelman Industries, we believe in the individual and in the power of teams, so we start immersing new employees as teammates in our culture beginning on day one.

So what can you expect as a new teammate on the manufacturing floor?

When you join Zekelman, you’ll have the support of a human resources manager like Jeff Moresco — one of those welcoming managers who knows everyone’s name and aims to be incredibly approachable. Like most leaders at Zekelman, Moresco prides himself on an open-door policy, open and honest communication, and being seen out on the factory floor with his fellow teammates.

“We have a team-oriented environment where people work together, like a family. We take pride in our work, and the entire team participates in bonuses,” says Moresco, human resources manager at our Atlas Tube facility in Blytheville, Arkansas.

It won’t take long for you to witness our company’s commitment to supporting teammate growth and career development. For example, a special milestone for new hires on the factory floor is the transition from a red hat to a green hat after completing 90 days with the company. “So that’s kind of a celebration … They get a raise, and they get excited about getting a green hat because it’s a significant and meaningful accomplishment,” Moresco says. “That’s pretty exciting, to see a teammate’s eyes light up.”

And that’s just one example of what awaits you at Zekelman. Some of the ways we strive to make new teammates feel welcomed and valued include:

  • A team-driven environment
  • Incentive bonuses
  • Involvement in team committees
  • Open communication with senior leadership
  • A strong emphasis on relationship-building — at all levels
  • Direct feedback loops with senior leaders, and more.

Of course, new teammates aren’t the only ones who reap these benefits, which are built into our culture. Just ask some of our experienced team members.

“One thing I’ve learned about [Zekelman] over the years is that this company is very receptive to new ideas,” says Alexis Lopez, a supervisor at our Wheatland/Western Tube facility in Rochelle, Illinois. “We  continue to grow as a company and move forward by creating new ideas and exchanging different points of view, and every teammate has that opportunity.”

His advice for those considering a career in manufacturing with ZI: “Keep an open mind and be willing to learn — come in with the mindset that you’re going to be part of something greater.”

As the largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer in North America, we set the bar high. But as an added incentive, team members who go above and beyond meeting production tonnage requirements receive a weekly bonus.

“The type of people that succeed are the ones who are driven and like being part of a team,” says Moresco. “The ones that are safety-conscious, take pride in their work — that’s the type of person that usually succeeds and can move up in the company.”

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