Zekelman Perspective

Top 10 Facts about Oil Sands from CAPP

by Jelani Rucker on July 11, 2012

An alternative to crude oil, oil sands reserves have only recently been considered to be part of the world's oil reserves, as higher oil prices and new technology enable them to be extracted and upgraded to usable products. Canada is uniquely positioned to provide an abundance of energy—with 174 billion barrels of oil that can be recovered with t...

The Zekelman Industries Commitment to Quality

by Greg Maurer on June 14, 2012

Zekelman Industries has grown, but our focus on quality hasn’t changed. Our companies lead their respective industries and markets, and deliver complete lines of top-performing products. In such a dynamic marketplace, our commitment to quality is our guiding principle — and an ongoing process. It takes focus, vigilance and constant innovatio...