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World Steel Association’s #steeltalks Twitter Debate Recap

on January 28, 2015

On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, the World Steel Association presented a Twitter debate, #steeltalks, focused on steel and its role in creating a more sustainable world. With more than 250 participants in the debate, the topic made for interesting debate and conversation among industry professionals.

Instead of simply telling you what was said, we’re going to show you a recap of the debate!

#steeltalks Questions:

To get started, here are the questions @worldsteel (the World Steel Association) asked the six panelists, sparking debate and guiding the conversation.

As you can see, the questions were all centered on how steel is a green option for building materials and the innovations needed to keep steel competitive in a sustainable world. Now we’re going to dive into some of the interesting comments and conversations prompted by the questions.

On sustainability:

100% recyclable, at its core steel is an inherently sustainable product. Here are some thoughts on this topic and how the steel industry can further its role in “green” building.

On education:

Education is a large part of creating the awareness of steel’s sustainability and what a versatile product it is. Here at JMC Steel Group, including Wheatland Tube and Atlas Tube, we believe education about steel as a sustainable building product must begin sooner than later.

While that doesn’t nearly cover all of the great comments from the hour-long debate, those were some of the points that stood out to us the most.

Feel free to share some Tweets we missed in the comments below. If you missed the debate, head on over to the World Steel Associations Twitter profile or search the #steeltalks hashtag on Twitter!

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