Zekelman Industries and Sign Agreement Focused on Industrial Safety

Irvine, California (October 21, 2020) — Zekelman Industries and are joining efforts to use artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion to increase safety measures at the steel manufacturer’s facilities. The companies have announced an agreement to bring Everguard’s Sentri360™ platform to Zekelman’s Atlas Tube facility in Blytheville, Arkansas, which will create a paradigm shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to preventing workplace injuries and accidents.

Initial efforts will focus on using the power of AI and computer vision (CV) to enhance the safety protocols already in place for logistics and the tarping of trucks in the facility’s shipping bays. The movement of heavy steel products and the interaction of workers, drivers and machines make shipping departments one of the areas where safety concerns are most acute at every steel facility. Atlas Tube had previously invested in a truck tarping safety system to mitigate the risk of falls and injuries while loads are being tarped on the beds of semi-trailers. The addition of Everguard’s Sentri360 platform will ensure proper use of the tarping system and provide, for the first time, proactive alerts to drivers, Atlas team members and plant management when the tarping safety system is not properly in use.

“Safety is the number one priority throughout our organization,” said Barry Zekelman, executive chairman and CEO of Zekelman Industries. “We’ve always embraced emerging technologies in our business. This innovative new AI platform has the potential to further assist us in operating at the highest possible level of safety and efficiency.” is moving environmental health and safety (EHS) from a reactive approach to one of proactive accident avoidance by utilizing AI powered by sensor fusion. Sensor fusion collects inputs from many different technologies, including computer vision (CV), real-time location system (RTLS), and wearables. Sensor data is fed into edge computers for AI analysis and processing in much the same way that humans process information gathered by their senses. The platform provides near-real-time alerts and outputs to managers and workers, notifying them of safety threats before accidents occur and identifying opportunities for additional employee training.

“I’ve known the Zekelman team for a long time and have seen firsthand their commitment to ensuring every team member gets home safely every night,” said Mark Bula, chief strategy officer at Everguard. “I am thrilled to be making this announcement with them on Steel Safety Day. It is leadership like theirs that will get us to the goal we all share: an accident-free steel industry.”

Today, October 21, is recognized as Steel Safety Day, as determined by the World Steel Organization. Established in 2014, Steel Safety Day reinforces awareness of the five most common causes of safety incidents and seeks to create a safer working environment across the entire steel industry worldwide.

Everguard’s mission is to protect companies’ most important assets — their people — with the first truly proactive solution dedicated to industrial safety. Their Industrial Health and Safety platform utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion driven by technologies that include edge computing, computer vision (CV), real-time location system (RTLS), wearables and others. Everguard’s Sentri360™ solution provides proactive interventions to prevent and avoid industrial accidents and the billions in fees and lost-time incidents they cause.

About Zekelman Industries
Zekelman Industries includes the operating divisions of Atlas Tube, Picoma, Sharon Tube, Wheatland Tube, Western Tube and Z Modular. It is the largest independent manufacturer of hollow structural sections (HSS) and steel pipe, and the top producer of electrical conduit and elbows, couplings and nipples in North America. Zekelman Industries delivers a broad range of pipe and tube solutions that build its customers’ success.

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