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AI, Automation, and IT: The New Frontier of Manufacturing Jobs

by Zekelman Industries on October 26, 2023

Prime tech jobs no longer reside solely within the domain of high-profile tech giants. In today’s world, every company is a technology company — and all firms compete for talent. Consulting firm Deloitte predicts that Industry 4.0 will continue to fuel enormous demand for tech jobs in manufacturing. These include positions and possibilities...

Your Weekly Insight Into Zekelman Industries

by Sydney Zuieback on July 7, 2020

Brad Fletcher’s Leads SEAoNY HSS Connection Webinar Brad Fletcher, Structural Engineer for Atlas Tube hosted a 1-hour webinar on June 25th highlighting some important facts of HSS connections that are often overlooked and misunderstood. Brad provided 232+ attendees with some key insights on the importance...

Women In The Industry – Jacqueline Cason

by Abbie Milligan on September 25, 2019

There are many fields and industries that have stereotypically been considered a “man’s job”. Women are breaking that mold and setting a new standards. Several women have paved the way and are continuing to encourage women to follow suit. The opportunities are endless when women enter fields that have previously been closed off. We had the...