Top Commercial Brands are Solar Energy Customers

Why are some of the largest and most cost efficient companies turning to solar for energy consumed by on-site facilities? It’s pretty simple; they want to continue to be the largest and most cost efficient companies. Iconic brands like WalMart, Costco, IKEA, Kohl’s, and Walgreens are synonymous with proficient management, low overhead and profitable business models. And now they’re deploying record level solar systems because they see a smart investment comprised of decreasing installation costs, innovative financing options, and the ability to stabilize future energy expenses.

When the price of commercial solar systems dropped almost 14 percent in 2012, advantageous companies saw an opportunity to reduce a portion of their operating expenses by controlling their energy costs. Solar energy provides an appealing choice with predictable prices for 20-30 years, reducing utility price volatility for large organizations managing long terms budgets. 

A report by Solar Energy Industries Association and Vote Solar Initiative analyzed 42 companies that deployed at least 312 megawatts (MV) of photovoltaic (PV) capacity at more than 750 locations in at least 26 states and Puerto Rico. According to the study, the 20 companies with the highest installed capacity have deployed at least 279 MV, enough to supply all the electricity needs of 46,500 American households.  From large organizations to small business, deploying solar energy cuts operating costs, improves the bottom line, and increases profits, thus allowing brands to focus on their core business.


In coming years, most industry predictions call for more consistent and moderate growth. According to the study, businesses, non-profits, schools and public agencies are expected to add 7000 megawatts of additional PV systems over the next five years – enough to replace seven retiring coal power plants.

We are a Solar Customer

In 2010, OYA Solar Inc., Ontario’s premier developer of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, partnered with Atlas Tube to develop North America’s largest rooftop solar PV project. The 3.5 megawatt solar project, which covers nearly 650,000 square feet of roof top space, or 12 football fields, is located at Atlas Tube’s facility in Harrow, Ontario. Supplying enough electricity to power 300 homes, the project provides 30% of Atlas’s annual energy consumption.

In addition to being energy efficient, Polar, one of OYA’s sister companies, worked with Atlas Tube to keep costs competitive and give greater strength and structural rigidity over the use of aluminum. Polar used components manufactured by Atlas Tube to create a second generation of rooftop racking systems.

Essex-20130215-SP Inst with ballast

The Honourable Minister Sandra Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and Bruce Crozier, MPP for Essex, congratulated the local companies showcasing the region as the leader in solar renewable energy by building North America’s largest rooftop renewable energy project in Ontario.

“Congratulations to OYA Solar Inc. and Atlas Tube – your partnership means new investment and jobs in our community,” said Sandra Pupatello, “This announcement highlights the manufacturing expertise and capabilities of the Windsor-Essex region, and is representative of how Ontario continues to lead the way in green energy projects.”


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