Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our EDI capabilities make it easy for distributors to purchase steel pipe and tube products from any division of Zekelman Industries.

How It Works

Just use your EDI system to communicate with ours to send and receive purchasing information in a standard format. You’ll save time and improve accuracy — and there’s no cost to you!

Supported Transactions

810 | Invoice
850 | Purchase Order
852 | Product Activity Data
855 | Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856 | Advance Ship Notification (ASN)
870 | Order Status Inquiry
… and more!

Fast, Easy Business Transactions

We go above and beyond ANSI® ASC X12 standards, handling numerous types of transactions with a high level of flexibility to deliver the greatest benefit.

Save time and money with automated electronic processes.
Ensure data accuracy by reducing manual entry errors.
See order status in real time for transaction visibility.
Increase peace of mind with fast, accurate ordering.

Contact us or call your sales rep to learn more and get set up with EDI!