Z-Commerce™ Online Portal

Purchasing Made Easy

Welcome to an online portal that gives you access all the information you need to plan, purchase and track orders from our leading brands. Z-Commerce eliminates the guesswork by allowing you to see real-time pricing of products and check current and future inventory. You can easily manage carts for multiple locations, organize and place orders, track shipments and view open orders all in one place. It’s just another way we MAKE IT eZ at Zekelman.


Here’s what customers are saying about Z-Commerce

“Easy to navigate to find the information you need.”

“I like having real-time access to pricing and local inventory availability.”

“This will save me time looking for product availability.”

“Having access to price sheets, MTRs and sales order information 24/7 is a plus.”

“I like being able to track my open order status in real time.”

Wheatland Tube

See all the real-time info you need to make better decisions when purchasing Wheatland Tube standard pipe, fire sprinkler, fence and electrical products.

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Western Tube

Plan, purchase and track orders of Western Tube electrical conduit like never before.

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Ordering electrical EC&N should be the easy part of your job. With Z-Commerce, it is.

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Read our introductory blog to learn more about the launch of Z-Commerce.