Zekelman Industries celebrates steel trade policy changes with employee bonus

Zekelman Industries celebrates steel trade policy changes with employee bonus

Announcement follows Trump’s decision to act on findings of Section 232 investigation

CHICAGO (March 1, 2018) — Zekelman Industries, North America’s largest independent steel pipe and tube manufacturer and a leader in modular construction innovations, announced today that every employee will receive a $1,000 annual bonus beginning when President Trump’s planned steel trade policy changes take effect, and for as long as they remain in place.

The body of the letter sent to the 2,300 Zekelman employees reads as follows –

To my teammates:

Earlier today, President Trump announced that the administration plans to take significant action as a result of the Commerce Department’s Section 232 investigation on domestic steel (conducted under the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, as amended). The Section 232 investigation confirmed what we have known for decades: that the domestic steel industry has been victimized by unfairly traded and dumped foreign products and the resulting damage has been both massive and a threat to impair national security.

I am pleased to announce a one-thousand-dollar ($1,000) bonus for each of you as a direct result of policy changes announced by President Trump. This bonus will be paid as soon as the announced changes go into effect and will be paid annually so long as the policies remain in effect.

Together, we have sacrificed and worked hard to become the best pipe and tube manufacturer in the world. The policies announced today will have a tremendous positive impact on our ability to compete and thrive. The playing field is being leveled and WE WILL WIN IN A FAIR FIGHT.

We thank President Trump, Commerce Secretary Ross and the entire Administration for this historic act in support of America and its workers and for being a strong ally in our fight against unfairly traded and dumped products.

The changes announced today will create tremendous opportunities for our business. Let’s continue to work together, rise to the occasion and MAKE IT eZ.


Barry Zekelman
Executive Chairman and CEO

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