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Made in the USA: The Pride and Power of Domestic Manufacturing

There’s magic in those four words: “made in the USA.” They stir a sense of national pride and patriotism and serve as an assurance of quality. They tell a story of hardworking makers and the impact of homegrown products.

Domestic Manufacturing

Why Pipe That Meets the API Standards Stands Above the Rest

There’s no room for substandard equipment in the oil and gas industry. The quality of just one pipe could be the difference between success and disaster for an operation and its crew, the environment, the company’s bottom line, and its reputation.

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Women of Zekelman: Jessica Wells

Jessica Wells has been a kindergarten teacher, a transmission builder, and a dental hygienist. Now she’s the ultrasonic tester and floater at Atlas Tube, a company of Zekelman Industries.

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Women of Zekelman: Teresa Johnson

In fact, it’s even part of her job. As a veteran buyer for Atlas Tube, a Zekelman Industries company, Johnson focuses on sourcing domestically made products for the company’s Alabama and Arkansas factories.

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How to Ensure the Inflation Reduction Act Supports Domestic Production

A year after becoming law, President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is mired in uncertainty. Stakeholders question its potential to achieve its core goals of supporting domestic manufacturing, speeding clean energy development, and reducing U.S. dependence on China.

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A Peek Inside Zekelman’s Family-First — and Family-Grown — Workplace

Chris Vadala was wired to be an electrician. The third-generation electrician grew up watching his dad climb the ranks from entry-level to a top spot at Zekelman’s Wheatland Tube facility in Wheatland, Pennsylvania.

Domestic Manufacturing

Storing Steel Pipe? Use these 3 Strategies to Stop Corrosion in Its Tracks

Steel is strong, durable, and versatile. But the widely used metal also has an Achilles heel: its susceptibility to corrosion.

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AI, Automation, and IT: The New Frontier of Manufacturing Jobs

In the manufacturing sector, the median age of workers is now above 44 years. Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that nearly one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce is age 55 or older, a demographic reality that signals an upcoming labor shortage for the industry as Baby Boomers retire.

CultureDomestic ManufacturingInnovation & Technology

From Days to Minutes: How Smart Manufacturing Accelerates High-Quality Steel Pipe Production

Businesses live and die by the quality of their products. So, reducing or eliminating defects, errors and inefficiencies is mission critical.

Domestic Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Elevating the Customer Experience Using Technology

Let’s face it: For those not involved, the industrial manufacturing industry isn’t one people usually associate with being on the leading edge of technology. Many people conjure up thoughts of bulky machines, pollution and loud facilities rather than nimble teams, clean environments and integrated technology.


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